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dc.contributor.authorSeneriches-Abiera, Mary Lynn
dc.contributor.authorParado-Estepa, Fe
dc.contributor.authorGonzales, Guadiosa A.
dc.identifier.citationSeneriches-Abiera, M. L., Parado-Estepa, F., & Gonzales, G. A. (2007). Acute toxicity of nitrite to mud crab Scylla serrata (Forsskål) larvae. Aquaculture Research, 38(14), 1495-1499.en
dc.description.abstractEarly larval stages of mud crab Scylla serrata were exposed to different concentrations of nitrite (40, 80 and 160 mg L−1 and a control, without added nitrite) and three salinity levels (25, 30 and 35 g L−1) using a static renewal method. No interactive effect of nitrite and salinity was detected. Estimated LT50 in 96-h toxicity tests decreased in all stages with increasing nitrite concentrations in all salinity levels. The 96-h LC50 values of nitrite-N were 41.58, 63.04, 25.54, 29.98 and 69.93 mg L−1 for zoea 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 respectively. As the larvae grew, they showed a progressive increase in tolerance to nitrite. The toxicity of nitrite to larvae increased with exposure time. The median lethal concentration was not affected by salinity. The chloride component of salinity within 25–35 g L−1 did not seem to be as effective in alleviating toxicity as has been reported in other crustacean species. Based on 96-h LC50 and an application factor of 0.1, the ‘safe level’ of rearing mud crab larvae was calculated to be 4.16, 6.30, 2.55, 2.99 and 6.99 mg L−1 nitrite-N for zoea 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 respectively.en
dc.description.sponsorshipThis study was supported in part by the European Commission INCO DC contract ECA4-CT-20001-10022.en
dc.publisherBlackwell Publishingen
dc.subjectScylla serrataen
dc.titleAcute toxicity of nitrite to mud crab Scylla serrata (Forsskål) larvaeen
dc.citation.journalTitleAquaculture Researchen
dc.subject.asfaAbiotic factorsen
dc.subject.asfaBottom cultureen
dc.subject.asfaCrustacean cultureen
dc.subject.asfaCrustacean larvaeen
dc.subject.asfaLethal limitsen
dc.subject.asfaMortality causesen
dc.subject.asfaSalinity effectsen
dc.subject.asfaToxicity testsen

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