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dc.contributor.authorUba, Kaent Immanuel
dc.contributor.authorMonteclaro, Harold
dc.contributor.authorNoblezada-Payne, Mary Mar
dc.contributor.authorQuinitio, Gerald
dc.contributor.authorAltamirano, Jon
dc.identifier.citationUba, K. I., Monteclaro, H., Noblezada-Payne, M. M., Quinitio, G., & Altamirano, J. (2020). Value chain analysis of the horse mussel Modiolus metcalfei (Hanley, 1843) fishery in Iloilo, Philippines. Asian Fisheries Science, 33(2), 106–117.en
dc.description.abstractThe exploitation of horse mussels Modiolus metcalfei (Hanley, 1843) in Dumangas, Iloilo has been going on for decades, yet effective fisheries management remains hindered by the poor understanding of the fishery. A value chain analysis was conducted to provide a better understanding of the horse mussel fishery in the area and identify upgrading strategies. Mapping of the value chain used data gathered through fisherfolk interviews, key informant interviews, and field observations. The collectors, processors, retailers, and ambulant vendors are the key players in the fishery. It is a sphere of both men and women who create value additions along the chain. While both men and women may engage in marketing, the majority of men are involved in the collection while women do the processing. The collector-cum-ambulant vendor benefits the most with a monthly income of PHP10,892.78 (USD217.86) with value addition of PHP8.30 kg-1 (USD0.17), followed by the collector with a monthly income of PHP9,597.46 (USD191.95) with a value addition of PHP4.00 kg-1 (USD0.08) and retailer with a monthly income of PHP5,000.00 (USD100.00) with value addition of PHP4.55 kg-1 (USD0.09). The actor who benefits the least in this value chain is the processor with a monthly income of PHP4,185.10 (USD83.70) with value addition of PHP2.30 kg-1 (USD0.05). Upgrading strategies at every node of the value chain along with its enabling strategies were proposed to improve the income of key actors and maximise the economic benefits from the horse mussel fishery.en
dc.publisherAsian Fisheries Societyen
dc.subjectModiolus metcalfei
dc.titleValue chain analysis of the horse mussel Modiolus metcalfei (Hanley, 1843) fishery in Iloilo, Philippinesen
dc.citation.journalTitleAsian Fisheries Scienceen
dc.subject.asfaFood securityen
dc.subject.asfaFishery managementen

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