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dc.identifier.citationSEAFDEC Aquaculture Department. (1999). Promoting appropriate aquaculture technology for more fish in Southeast Asia. SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department, Tigbauan, Iloilo, Philippines. 24 p.en
dc.descriptionDiscusses AQD's technology verification trials on (1) milkfish hatchery, pond culture using hatchery-raised fry, and polyculture of milkfish and seaweeds; (2) the use of environment-friendly schemes in tiger shrimp culture; (3) mudcrab culture in ponds and net enclosures in mangroves; (4) cage culture of hybrid tilapia; (5) catfish hatchery technology; and (6) oyster and mussel culture in rafts.en
dc.description.abstractDetails are given of activities conducted by the SEAFDEC Philippine-based Aquaculture Department (AQD) concerning the promotion of the commercialization of aquaculture technologies. The Department has subjected research technologies to various validation trials through a technology verification and extension program. At present, AQD has verified certain aquaculture technologies that can be implemented commercially for such commodities as tiger shrimp, milkfish, grouper, mudcrab, tilapia, catfish and oysters. In addition to training and mass media information activities, AQD has forged ties with private fishpond owners, universities, and other agencies in maintaining demonstration centres for aquaculture technologies, intended to show interested aquaculture farmers the benefits that they can get from adopting AQD s technologies.en
dc.format.extent24 p.
dc.publisherAquaculture Department, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Centeren
dc.subjectSouth East Asiaen
dc.titlePromoting appropriate aquaculture technology for more fish in Southeast Asiaen
dc.subject.asfaaquaculture developmenten
dc.subject.asfadevelopment projectsen
dc.subject.asfafishery organizationsen
dc.subject.asfaresearch programmesen
dc.contributor.corporateauthorSoutheast Asian Fisheries Development Center, Aquaculture Department

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