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dc.contributor.authorPiedad-Pascual, Felicitas
dc.contributor.authorDestajo, Warnita H.
dc.identifier.citationPiedad-Pascual, F., & Destajo, W.H. (1979). Growth and survival of Penaeus monodon postlarvae fed shrimp head meal and fish meal as primary animal sources of protein. Fisheries Research Journal of the Philippines, 4(1):29-36.en
dc.description.abstractPenaeus monodon postlarvae with mean weights of 2 to 3 g were fed shrimp head meal (Diet B), fish meal (Diet C), mussel (Diet E), a combination of equal amounts of shrimp head meal and fish meal (Diet A) or one part shrimp head meal and 2 parts fish meal (Diet D) as primary sources of protein. The larvae were reared for 30 days in cylindrical fiberglass tanks containing 150 l of aerated seawater. Mean weight gains were significantly highest among those fed combinations ofish meal and shrimp head meal. Diets A and D, 0.88 g and 0.59 g, respectively. Mean weight gains among those fed one main source of protein, Diets B, C and E were not significantly different from each other and were very low. Highest survival rate was observed among hose fed Diet C (85%) and the lowest recorded (45%) was obtained from those fed mussel. Those fed Diet B grew the slowest and had the lowest survival rate of the groups given formulated diets. Shrimp head meal and fish meal complement each other in the diet formulations. Shrimp head meal alone does not provide for growth and survival, but fish meal can provide for high survival rate. The addition of shrimp head improves the diet. Cholesterol which is present in shrimp could have caused the difference.en
dc.publisherFisheries Research Society of the Philippinesen
dc.subjectPenaeus monodonen
dc.titleGrowth and survival of Penaeus monodon postlarvae fed shrimp head meal and fish meal as primary animal sources of proteinen
dc.citation.journalTitleFisheries Research Journal of the Philippinesen
dc.subject.asfafeed compositionen
dc.subject.scientificNamePenaeus monodonen

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