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dc.contributor.authorApud, Florentino D.
dc.contributor.authorDeatras, N.
dc.contributor.authorGonzales, Kaylin
dc.identifier.citationApud, F.D., Deatras, N., & Gonzales, K. (1981). Feeding behavior and food preference of Penaeus monodon Fabricius with scrap Tilapia mossambica . Fisheries Research Journal of the Philippines, 6(1):27–31.en
dc.descriptionContribution No. 98, SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department.en
dc.description.abstractThe time of day during which P. monodon feeds at different depth levels in earthen ponds, and its preference for three types of tilapia feeds (dry, fresh and fermented) were determined. It was observed that P. monodon concentrated at the bottom beds during the day and along the periphery of dikes during night-time, with a slight tendency to swim and feed towards the surface as darkness increased. P. monodon showed special preference for dried tilapia compared to fresh and fermented tilapia. P. monodon also showed adaptability to the platform method of feeding, especially during night-time.en
dc.publisherFisheries Research Society of the Philippinesen
dc.subjectPenaeus monodonen
dc.subjectFood preferencesen
dc.subjectPrawn cultureen
dc.subjectFeeding behavioren
dc.subjectTilapia mossambicaen
dc.titleFeeding behavior and food preference of Penaeus monodon Fabricius with scrap Tilapia mossambica .en
dc.citation.journalTitleFisheries Research Journal of the Philippinesen

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