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dc.contributor.authorKohno, Hiroshi
dc.contributor.authorTriño, Avelino
dc.contributor.authorGerochi, Dante
dc.contributor.authorDuray, Marietta
dc.identifier.citationKohno, H., Triño, A., Gerochi, D., & Duray, M. (1989). Effects of feeding frequency and amount of feeding on the growth of the grouper, Epinephelus malabaricus. Philippine Journal of Science, 118(1), 89-100.en
dc.description.abstractThe effects of feeding frequency and amount of food on the growth of juvenile groupers (Epinephelus malabaricus) were investigated for 12 weeks of rearing in net-cages set in an earthen pond. The juveniles (110-130 g in body weight, BW) attained marketable size (500 g) in 12 weeks. Feeding to satiation levels once a day gave the best growth (mean BW = 509.4 ± 56.5 g) and relatively good food conversion ratio (4.78) compared to the other treatments (twice a day, once in two days and once in every three days). Concerning feeding levels, in which feed was given twice a day at 15, 10, 5 and 1% of total fish biomass per day, the best fish growth (426.6 ± 54.0 g) and a reasonable food conversion ratio (4.53) were obtained at 5% fish biomass. There was a positive correlation between the growth of fish and water temperature in both experiments.en
dc.publisherScience and Technology Information Instituteen
dc.subjectEpinephelus malabaricusen
dc.subjectfeeding frequencyen
dc.subjectfish feedingen
dc.titleEffects of feeding frequency and amount of feeding on the growth of the grouper, Epinephelus malabaricusen
dc.citation.journalTitlePhilippine Journal of Scienceen
seafdecaqd.library.callnumberVF SJ 0261
dc.subject.asfafish cultureen
dc.subject.asfafeeding experimentsen
dc.subject.asfaartificial feedingen
dc.subject.asfacage cultureen
dc.subject.asfafeed conversion efficiencyen

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