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dc.contributor.authorMadrones-Ladja, Jocelyn A.
dc.contributor.authordela Peña, Milagros R.
dc.contributor.authorParami, Neil P.
dc.identifier.citationMadrones-Ladja, J. A., dela Peña, M. R., & Parami, N. P. (2002). The effect of micro algal diet and rearing condition on gonad maturity, fecundity and embryonic development of the window-pane shell, Placuna placenta Linnaeus. Aquaculture, 206(3-4), 313-321.en
dc.description.abstractImmature Placuna placenta (Linnaeus) broodstock were given the micro algae Isochrysis galbana (T-ISO) Parke and Tetraselmis tetrahele (G.S. West) at different combinations and density levels and reared in tanks with or without mud substrate. The animals were also reared in the estuary and fed on available natural food. Monthly examination of gonad histology showed a significantly higher gonad index in broodstock reared in tanks with mud substrate than without (P < 0.05). In addition, those given a high-density algal diet (200,000 cells ml−1, 3:1 mixture of I. galbana and T. tetrahele) had a significantly faster gonad development than the low-density diet (100,000 cells ml−1, 1:1 mixture) fed broodstock reaching sexual maturity and gonad index of 330±14 after 1 month (P < 0.0001). P. placenta given the low-density algal diet attained gonad maturity after 3 months and estuary-reared animals after 2 months. Seawater irradiated by ultraviolet light (925–1395 mW h/l) induced spawning of all mature P. placenta. Estuary-reared animals had a higher fecundity and larger eggs and a higher percentage of fertilized eggs developed to straight-hinged larvae than those reared under other condition. Animals given a low-density algal diet released low number of small eggs which did not fertilize. Natural spawning also occurred in the estuary 2 months after stocking.en
dc.description.sponsorshipThis work was funded by the Fisheries Sector Program (FSP) of the Department of Agriculture, Philippines (Project Code: 6955-100-60) and the Aquaculture Department of the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC).en
dc.subjectIsochrysis galbanaen
dc.subjectPlacuna placentaen
dc.subjectTetraselmis tetratheleen
dc.subjectMicro algaeen
dc.subjectGonad maturityen
dc.titleThe effect of micro algal diet and rearing condition on gonad maturity, fecundity and embryonic development of the window-pane shell, Placuna placenta Linnaeus.en
seafdecaqd.library.callnumberVF SJ 0699
dc.subject.asfaBrood stocksen
dc.subject.asfaEmbryonic developmenten
dc.subject.asfaEnvironmental conditionsen
dc.subject.asfaFeed compositionen
dc.subject.asfaFeeding experimentsen
dc.subject.asfaFood organismsen
dc.subject.asfaSexual maturityen
dc.subject.asfaSexual reproductionen

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