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dc.contributor.authorPrimavera, Jurgenne H.
dc.contributor.authorAbroguena, Jeff Bogart
dc.identifier.citationPrimavera, J. H., & Abrogueña, J. B. R. (2009). Post-August 2006 oil spill populations of Penaeid shrimp in island and riverine mangroves in Guimaras, central Philippines. Philippine Journal of Natural Sciences, 14(Supplement), 3-6.en
dc.description.abstractTo evaluate the impact on biota of the release of arrow up million liters of bunker oil off Guimaras Island, Central Philippines, the penaeid shrimp populations in a protected island mangrove (Tandog) and a riverine mangrove (Sibunag) were surveyed by pocket seine 2-3 months after the August 2006 spill; results are compared to 1993 baseline data. A total of 529 individuals belonging to three penaeid species were collected - Metapenaeus anchistus in Tandog, and Metapenaeus ensis and Penaeus merguiensis in Sibunag. Shrimp densities were significantly higher in Tandog Island in 2006 compared to 1993 but remained similar in the riverine mangrove. This suggests that protection may have a greater impact than the Oil Spill per se because Tandog is part of the protected Taklong National Marine Reserve. In contrast to abundance, shrimp sizes (carapace length) were significantly smaller in 2006 compared to 1993 for both sites.en
dc.publisherUniversity of the Philippines Visayasen
dc.subjectFenneropenaeus merguiensis
dc.subjectMetapenaeus anchistus
dc.subjectMetapenaeus ensis
dc.subjectPhilippines, Guimaras
dc.titlePost-August 2006 oil spill populations of Penaeid shrimp in island and riverine mangroves in Guimaras, central Philippinesen
dc.citation.journalTitlePhilippine Journal of Natural Sciencesen
dc.subject.asfaCoastal zoneen
dc.subject.asfaEnvironmental impacten
dc.subject.asfaMangrove swampsen
dc.subject.asfaMarine crustaceansen
dc.subject.asfaMarine parksen
dc.subject.asfaOil pollutionen
dc.subject.asfaOil spillsen
dc.subject.asfaPollution controlen
dc.subject.asfaPollution effectsen
dc.subject.asfaPopulation densityen
dc.subject.asfaPopulation numberen

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