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dc.contributor.authorEusebio, Perla S.
dc.contributor.authorToledo, Joebert D.
dc.contributor.authorMamauag, Roger Edward
dc.contributor.authorBernas, M. J. G.
dc.contributor.editorRimmer, Michael A.
dc.contributor.editorMcBride, Shannon
dc.contributor.editorWilliams, Kevin C.
dc.identifier.citationEusebio, P. S., Toledo, J. D., Mamauag, R. E. P., & Bernas, M. J. G. (2004). Digestive enzyme activity in developing grouper (Epinephelus coioides) larvae. In M. A. Rimmer, S. McBride, & K. C. Williams (Eds.), Advances in grouper aquaculture (pp. 35–40). Canberra: Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research.en
dc.description.abstractThis study was undertaken to determine the activities of alkaline and acid type proteases [proteinases], α-amylase, lipase [triacylglycerol lipase], trypsin, chymotrypsin, leucine aminopeptidase [cytosol aminopeptidase], and alkaline and acid phosphatases during larval development of the grouper, Epinephelus coioides. The maximum variation in specific activities of alkaline and acid type proteases, α-amylase, lipase, trypsin, chymotrypsin, leucine aminopeptidase, and acid and alkaline phosphatases in the digestive tract of grouper larvae was mostly related to the onset or the end of metamorphosis during larval development.en
dc.publisherAustralian Centre for International Agricultural Researchen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesACIAR Monograph 110en
dc.subjectEpinephelus coioidesen
dc.titleDigestive enzyme activity in developing grouper (Epinephelus coioides) larvaeen
dc.typeBook chapteren
dc.citation.bookTitleAdvances in grouper aquacultureen
dc.subject.asfaenzyme activityen
dc.subject.asfafish cultureen
dc.subject.asfafish larvaeen
dc.subject.scientificNameEpinephelus coioidesen

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