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    Milkfish production and processing technologies in the Philippines 

    WG Yap, AC Villaluz, MGG Soriano & MN Santos - 2007 - WorldFish Center
    This publication describes the various aspects of milkfish production in the Philippines. It covers these areas 1) technology development from a historical perspective, 2) milkfish seed production 3) grow-out in brackishwater ponds 4) grow-out in pens and cages 5)milkfish processing.
  • Book

    Milkfish bibliography: a compilation of abstracts on milkfish studies 

    WorldFish Center - 2007 - WorldFish Center
    Milkfish Bibliography covers 700 references on milkfish biology; broodstock management and fry, fingerling and egg collection and production; milkfish culture systems; health and nutrition; post harvest technology; socioeconomic and related studies; and environment and ecology. Included references range from published/unpublished documents, theses, journal articles, to project reports and conference papers.