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dc.contributor.authorBenitez, Lita V.
dc.contributor.editorFortes, Romeo D.
dc.contributor.editorDarvin, Loureeda C.
dc.contributor.editorde Guzman, Dalisay L.
dc.identifier.citationBenitez, L. V. (1989). Milkfish nutrition: a review. In R. D. Fortes, L. C. Darvin, & D. L. de Guzman (Eds.), Fish and crustacean feeds and nutrition : Proceedings of the seminar-workshop on fish and crustacean feeds and nutrition held on 25-26 February 1985 at UPV, Iloilo City (pp. 31-34). Laguna, Philippines: Philippine Council for Aquatic and Marine Research and Development.en
dc.description.abstractThis paper reviews recent work on milkfish nutrition. Substantial progress had been made towards understanding the digestive physiology of milkfish. Major enzaymes envolved in the digestions of carbohydrates, protein and lipids had been detected in the pyloric caece, intestines and pancreas of milkfish. The most active carbohydrates were involved in the hydrolysis of α - glocosidic bonds. Intestinal amylase activity consistently reached the peak at about noon when milkfish gut was full. This confirms that milkfish is s daytime feeder. No cellulase activity was detected in any region orf the digertive treat although the fish relies heavily algae and other plant source for food. Trypsin, chymotrypsin and general proteases were also detected in milkfish digestive tract. A powerful milkfish trypsin inhabitor was detected in the filementous algae, Chaetomorpha brachygona which is predominant species in lumot. Lipass in the pancreas and intestines had two pH optima, suggesting a physiologic versatility for lipid digestion in milkfish. There is a limit information on the nutrient requirement of milkfish. Most studies showed that milkfish fry has a dietary requirement of 40% protein, and 7-10 lipid. Studies on the protein-energy requirement of fingerlings suggested that 30-40% protein, 10% fat and 25% carbohydrates are required. Subsequent studies showed an optimum protein energy to total metabolizable energy ratio of 44.4%. Amino acid test diets for milkfish had been formulated to contain white fish meal, gelatin and approprate amino acid mix.en
dc.publisherPhilippine Council for Aquatic and Marine Research and Developmenten
dc.subjectNutritional requirementsen
dc.subjectChanos chanosen
dc.subjectChanos chanos
dc.subjectSouth East Asia
dc.subject.lccVF SP 104
dc.titleMilkfish nutrition: a reviewen
dc.typeConference paperen
dc.citation.conferenceTitleFish and crustacean feeds and nutrition : Proceedings of the seminar-workshop on fish and crustacean feeds and nutrition held on 25-26 February 1985 at UPV, Iloilo Cityen
dc.subject.asfaArtificial feedingen
dc.subject.asfaBrackishwater aquacultureen
dc.subject.asfaFish cultureen
dc.subject.asfaNutritional requirementsen

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