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dc.identifier.citationASEAN. (2013). Guidelines for the use of chemicals in aquaculture and measures to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals. Association of Southeast Asian Nations.en
dc.description.abstractThis set of guidelines has been developed to help national regulators and stakeholders on managing the diverse use of chemicals in aquaculture. It recognising the existing variation in capacity among AMS but has been designed so that it could be adopted and implemented within the specific policy and legal framework of each country. This document aims to provide guidance for Competent Authorities (CAs) in standards setting / regulating the use of Chemicals in Aquaculture and Measures to Eliminate the Use of Harmful Chemical among AMS. AMS are encouraged to assess and review gaps at their national level with regard to chemicals used in aquaculture, as listed in this document. Furthermore, it would also help to develop measures to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals in aquaculture; and it is further envisaged that a harmonised regional set of guidelines for the use of chemicals in aquaculture for ASEAN could be produced. The purpose of this set of guidelines is to list the major chemicals and other substances commonly used in AMS. This set of guidelines will also list the banned chemicals that should not be used or practiced by farmers or aquaculturist in all AMS. The list was compiled and agreed from previous workshops to assess and review gaps exist among AMS with regards to chemical use in aquaculture.en
dc.publisherAssociation of Southeast Asian Nationsen
dc.relation.uri Publication/2013 (12. Dec) - ASEAN Guideliness for Chemicals Final.pdfen
dc.subject.lcshChemicals -- Drugs -- Aquacultureen
dc.subject.lcshFisheries -- Food Safety -- ASEANen
dc.titleGuidelines for the use of chemicals in aquaculture and measures to eliminate the use of harmful chemicalsen
dc.subject.asfaAquatic drugsen
dc.subject.asfaFood safetyen
dc.contributor.corporateauthorAssociation of Southeast Asian Nationsen

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