Proceedings of the Regional Technical Consultation on Sustainable Aquaculture Development in Southeast Asia Towards 2020 held from 17 to 19 March 2010 in Bangkok, Thailand

SEAFDEC/AQD, in collaboration with the SEAFDEC Secretariat, convened the Regional technical consultation on sustainable aquaculture development in Southeast Asia towards 2020 (RTC on Aquaculture) on March 17-19, 2010 in Bangkok, Thailand, as preparatory activity for the ASEAN/SEAFDEC Fish for the people 2020 conference. The RTC was held to follow-up the developments on aquaculture after the 2001 Millennium conference on fisheries and to define the strategies for sustainable aquaculture development in the next decade. Specifically, the RTC was held with the following objectives: (i) review the progress and development of aquaculture in the region since the 2001 Millennium conference; (ii) assess and identify the issues (including climate change) that need to be addressed in the next 10 years to sustain fisheries development; and to (iii) define the strategies needed to address gaps and in the context of emerging opportunities and emerging challenges faced by the region. This volume presents the outputs of the RTC on Aquaculture. The proceedings contain the papers presented at the meeting and a synopsis of plenary discussions on various themes that are relevant to aquaculture research and development in the region. The outputs of this meeting are expected to help guide SEAFDEC and its partners in coming up with the region’s resolution and plan of action for sustainable aquaculture development in the next decade.


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