This publication presents the outputs of the Regional Technical Consultation on EMS/AHPND and other Transboundary Diseases. The information and experiences compiled in this publication will help us face disease problems or health management issues in the future. Farmers from countries who have not experienced these diseases will surely learn from those that have developed strategies or technologies for early disease detection, prevention and management.

We expect that the outputs of this Consultation will help guide the ASEAN Member States, regional organizations and other partners in the region in drawing up country-specific and regional policies that would avert impending epidemics that could affect the region’s fishery sector.

Excerpt from Foreword by Felix G. Ayson, D.Sc.
Former Chief, SEAFDEC/AQD


We gratefully acknowledge the Government of Japan through the Japan-ASEAN Integrated Fund, administered by the ASEAN Secretariat, for the main financial support. We also thank the Philippine Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources for co-organizing the meeting and for the in-kind contributions. Special thanks are also due to all meeting participants, particularly the Member Country representatives and the Panel of Experts for their invaluable contributions to the meeting.

The editors would like to thank the members of SEAFDEC/AQD’s Publications Review Committee for reviewing the Proceedings prior to its publication. Thanks are also due to the Development Communication Section of the Training and Information Division of SEAFDEC/AQD, led by Mr. Rex Dianala, for copy-editing and layout. And lastly, to Mr. Isidro Tendencia for the design and concept of the cover.


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